Social Media Management

Social Media is crucial to businesses today.

Social Media Management is the first service that we ever offered at Fun Love Media. We love social media and know the success that it can help bring to businesses and brands.

Working with the Fun Love Media team on your social media needs means that you don’t have to add someone to your payroll to manage your social media accounts, and that you know the work will be completed by creative experts consistently.

We specialize in organic social media marketing, which means that we do not focus on running paid ads for clients. The creativity and connection with the audience that’s involved in organic social media marketing is something that we appreciate and do quite well.

You will choose how many posts you want per week and to what platforms. We can help you with Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and LinkedIn. Then the Fun Love Media team will start to make a plan. We do in-person content photo and video shoots in the Houston, TX and Kansas City areas. Not in those areas? That’s okay! If you have your own photos and video footage you can send it our way so that we can create the perfect social media posts for you.

Fun Love Media handles the entire social media management process, from content shoots to creating posts to actually posting the content for you on social media.

You can see an overview of our social media management packages here.

Ready for more information? Schedule a free 30-minute discovery call with a Fun Love Media representative right here.

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