Fun Love Media provides social media management, email marketing, logo and brand marketing design, and podcast production services.

Our mission at Fun Love Media is to help our mission-driven clients share entertaining and inspiring content with their audience to create a fun and exciting space online for their brands so that they can make the positive impact on the world that they were meant to. We believe in telling stories of the people behind the brands and those that they serve.

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Fun Love Media Team

Britney Crosson:

As a lifelong performer on stage and screen, Britney has seen social media as one giant stage ever since she first started using MySpace many, manyyyy years ago. Her love of social media shined so bright that business owner friends began asking her for help with their social media accounts. After freelancing for a couple of years, Britney officially formed Fun Love Media as a business in January 2019. In recent years Britney became known on social media for her treadmill and spin bike dancing videos where she’s received 15 million views and counting. Running her own small business is extra special for Britney after working in her dad’s small business for 25 years. Britney is also the host and executive producer of The Social Sunshine Podcast, which debuted in the fall of 2019, Fun Love Media’s first ever podcast production. In 2020 she created Small Biz Social Society, a mastermind membership for ambitious entrepreneurs that want to stand out on social media. Read more about Britney on her website here.

Megan Colwell:
Director of Design, Account Manager, Podcast Producer & Membership Manager
Megan is an absolute gem. Her incredible talents as a wood-burning artist bleed over into her work as a content creator, logo designer and branding specialist. Megan is also incredibly organized, thorough, accels in workflows, and is always there to support her clients and fellow FLM team members. Her talents and abilities help The Social Sunshine Podcast and Small Biz Social Society both function like well-oiled machines that serve thousands of small business owners regularly.

Vanessa Alston:
Account Manager & Membership Assistant
Vanessa’s attention to detail and nurturing personality mean that her work is always well thought out and cared for. She’s a kind, smart and creative person that will go the extra mile any chance she gets. Vanessa contributes to social media management, email marketing, and podcasting services. And she also happens to be Britney’s fantastic sister-in-law!

Zach Alston:
Audio & Video Editor
Zach is Britney’s older and much taller (he’s 6’7″) brother. His love of technology, action movies and behind-the-scenes features feeds his awesome ability to edit audio and video with ease. He has also worked in his dad’s business for many years specializing in electronics and communications, especially for boats. In October 2021 Zach and Vanessa got married, and Britney was their officiant. How’s that for family teamwork?!

Aubrey Mathis:
Account Manager & Copywriter
Aubrey is an entrepreneur, an author (she’s published 3 books!), a mom of two, and the wife of a real-life cowboy. Aubrey joined the FLM team in 2022 and will be managing client accounts in the Waco/Central Texas area. Aubrey will also be doing copywriting work for our podcast clients. We’re so excited to have Aubrey on board to serve the great businesses in her area and beyond!

Pictured from top left clockwise: Britney Crosson, Vanessa Alston, Megan Colwell, Aubrey Mathis, Zach Alston (with wife, Vanessa).

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