4 Ideas for Stories on Social Media

Stories are absolutely genius and give your followers such great insight and entertainment.  Here are four easy ideas for stories posts on social media platforms.

1.  A Day in the Life – People love behind the scenes.  And they’re going to, not only be entertained by the documentation of your entire day, but they’re also going to learn even more about you.  Day-in-the-Life videos are PERFECT for stories and will help create an even closer connection between you and your followers.

2.  Product Feature – If you don’t want to fill your feed with the products that you sell, feature them in your stories.  You can describe your product, show how to use it, or even simply post a photo of it with a current promotion offer.

3.  Tradition – Create your own stories traditions.  Give your followers something interesting or fun to expect every single time they watch your stories.  Examples might include a good morning video with a silly filter every day or a quick look at your daily workouts or even simply a photo of your healthy meals each day.

4.  Sharing Other People’s Posts – This one is super duper easy to do.  Plus, it will show your followers a product you might love or a funny post you saw.  And it will create an opportunity to network with the person who’s post you shared.  It’s especially a great way to show support to a small business owner.  Always give the original person credit, of course.

Check out the video on this topic delivered by Fun Love Media’s owner, Britney Crosson, HERE.

4 Ideas for Stories on Social Media

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